These days, everyone has to do their very best to help the planet. And, of course, that includes us.

We’ve been environmentally aware from the very beginning, however, and were one of the few new hotel properties in Greece to take ‘green’ details into consideration during the design and construction process.

We’re glad we did, because we’re delighted to say those small details are now making a big difference.

Part of our aim is to achieve lower energy consumption and avoid wastage of heat and water. That’s why we have solar panels to heat around 30 per cent of our hot water; why ultra-energy-efcient LEDs provide our lighting; why we have our own desalination plant; and why we employ energy-saving glazing and insulation materials throughout
the resort.

We also want to protect our beautiful natural surroundings, which is why we have lavished such care and attention on the landscaping of our lush gardens. The cove is home to a vast array of local ora; so it was important to ensure that these species were not damaged or destroyed during the resort’s design and build process. Indeed, we’ve taken into consideration the conservation needs of the entire cove in order to show it to its best advantage and safeguard it for future generations. 

At Daios, we’re proud to be thinking ‘green’ by offering the following environmental features:

  • 90% of Daios’ lighting systems are LEDs, with the lowest possible energy consumption and 10-fold longevity
  •  A Building Management System optimises heating/cooling energy consumption, as well as energy consumed by the pumping systems
  • A desalination plant avoids making use of local water reserves — and protects the environment
  • Waste water management ensures water for Daios’ gardens
  • Heat recovery of the cooling system in the main building
  • Solar panels that contribute around 30% of hot water production
  • Low energy consumption Daikin VRV 3 cooling system for accommodation
  • Energy-saving insulation materials in all buildings
  • Energy-saving glazing in all rooms
  • Recycling glass, cartons, plastic and batteries
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