Our Pangea restaurant is refreshing its look and changing its atmosphere with a clean, contemporary and elegant finish that reflects the chic, neutral tones of Daios Cove's interior design.

The new-look Pangea will feature two spacious outdoor areas showcasing spectacular, uninterrupted views across the cove and into the azur Aegean Sea. Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors control temperatures and offer protection against the elements, making alfresco dining in autumn and spring as appealing as it is in summer.

Along with an open-air kitchen there will be a grill corner where our chefs can cook meat or fish over natural wood fires. This is action-cooking at its most exciting, with cast aluminum crank-wheels adjusting the height of the cooking surface to the rise and fall of the flames.

There will be a buffet menu, too, for all tastes and diets including vegetarian and vegan. The reputation of Pangea for quality fresh ingredients showcasing local flavours will, however, remain the same!