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JUL '18 30
SEP '18 03

MIRAVAL has been a deep need to feel extrovert and express an innate balance among sound, motion and feeling. During the Spring of 2017, Dimitris and Lazarus Kitsas gave colour, rhythm and shape to that strong connection they had with their roots of Mount Olympus, where they grew u. This whole experience kept evolving, carried along every single element of the nature, culture and people of the land that nurtured them. Τhe climax, as the top moment of Nature, came through the love for the modern electronic music, the deep sentiment for the past, and ethnic elements combined with music instruments and creative procedure for the present, all in a unique DJ set called‘’Experience’’. An escape that demands every sense, rhythm, light and atmospheric elements, all in a perfect symphony with each other.

About Dimitris & Lazarus Kitsas

Dimitris & Lazarus Kitsas relationship with music has its roots in their childhood. The sounds of that time form the main line of influence in their music. They began their career during the 90s as radio producers and esident DJs in bars and clubs of their region. Recently they have gone into event planning and performance, with the positive aura and feeling as their top motivation. During the spring time of 2017 they created MIRAVAL, a project that combines electronic music and the spirit of ethnic world style with musical instruments.