Crete is the perfect place to experience diving whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an experienced diver. The waters in the area maintain a good temperature through to the winter months as well as excellent visibility. Our diving centre and the Cove itself are a wonderful starting point as the surrounding rockery on the water is home to various types of fish and other marine life.


Boasting numerous wind certain beaches, the east of Crete has some exceptional spots to visit. We welcome you to try out these exciting sports at some of the most scenic spots for windsurfing or kitesurfing.


The mountainous nature of the Cretan landscape presents many opportunities for hikers from East to West. Just an hour away from the Cove you will find Richtis Gorge, a state protected park and one of the most stunning hikes ending on a beach after you have passed through the river and waterfalls. Whether you are looking for relaxed bike rides through hundred-year-old olive groves and quaint villages or ambitious cycling uphill and taking in the breathtaking views from the top, Crete has an abundance of terrains and tracks to offer.


The Crete Golf Club is an 18-hole golf course of high international standards on a terrain which tests the abilities of leisurely and competitive golfers alike. This oasis of calm with stunning views to the Lassithi Mountains and the Cretan countryside leaves you feeling free and  invigorated after a day’s golf on the course. Less than an hour away by car from Daios Cove it is the ideal destination for golfers of all ages and levels.