The Daios Cove philosophy embraces nature and focuses on the protection of local flora and fauna. The resort has been constructed in a way that respects and preserves its natural surroundings, employing water conservation and energy-saving policies, and making purchases through local merchants when possible.

The use of solar panels allows for the heating of around 30% of the resort’s hot water, while ultra-energy efficient LEDs provide 90% of its lighting. A desalination plant and energy-saving glazing and insulation materials employed throughout Daios Cove contribute to our commitment to the preservation and protection of nature.

The landscaping of our gardens is also part of the environmental project we set ourselves. As a cove we are a natural habitat for local species of birds and flowers. We are proud to be able to actively participate in their wellbeing while creating the perfect setting for our guests’ views.

At a glance 

  • 90% of Daios’ lighting systems are LEDs, with the lowest possible energy consumption and 10-fold longevity
  • A Building Management System optimises heating/cooling energy consumption, as well as energy consumed by the pumping systems
  • A desalination plant avoids making use of local water reserves — and protects the environment
  • Waste water management ensures water for Daios’ gardens
  • Heat recovery of the cooling system in the main building
  • Solar panels that contribute around 30% of hot water production
  • Low energy consumption Daikin VRV 3 cooling system for accommodation
  • Energy-saving insulation materials in all buildings
  • Energy-saving glazing in all rooms
  • Recycling glass, cartons, plastic and batteries