The Beach House is the latest addition to the Daios Cove family of dining experiences. Located on the isolated coastal cove of the resort our new venue invites you to indulge in a luxurious yet unpretentious lifestyle. Destined to stir the senses, nourish the soul and immerse you in the quintessential Cretan way of vitality and simplicity. Reminiscent of a bohemian modesty within a tranquil space on the sea - our Beach House beckons you.

The space – relax and unwind
Built into the remarkable green landscape of one of the most scenic private coves of the island, the Beach House is the perfect setting to relax and unwind. The open-air restaurant and bar are situated on the beachfront of the cove, delivering the welcoming feel of the Cretan home. Breezy chill out tunes, play in perfect harmony with the sound of the waves breaking upon the sand. From sunrise to sunset, the atmosphere connects the worldly traveller to the three core elements of our design philosophy: earth, water, light.

The food – invigorate and nourish
Our cuisine reflects our respect for seasonality as we fuse locally grown and sourced ingredients with the cultures of the Mediterranean and the Orient. Embarking on a delectable culinary adventure with our all-day and night à la carte menu, our guests may order from the comfort of their sunlounger or join us in the Beach House restaurant. Large wooden dining spaces strike a peaceful balance with the natural rugged surroundings and invite you to indulge in a wholesome dining experience. At one with nature, a most exquisite setting to share food with family and friends.

The drinks – refresh and indulge
A large selection of beverages is on offer at the Beach House to satisfy even the most demanding palate. Having teamed up with Athens-based cocktail masters The Clumsies (no. 6 on the list of The World's 50 Best Bars 2017) our divine creations draw inspiration from the cove itself, the sun-drenched coastline and flora of Crete. Each signature recipe embodies a contemporary interpretation of the classics whilst unmasking the quintessentially Cretan character of its ingredients.