Whether its lazy, romantic days on an idyllic private sandy beach you seek or adventure in natural landscapes steeped history and mythology, Daios Cove is your honeymoon springboard. An exclusive getaway with a dedicated honeymoon planner on site as well as bespoke packages including complimentary treats for newlyweds.

In the quest for your secret haven with the most astonishing views, the Sapphire Ring is the one for you. The Deluxe Rooms that come with this combination of services bring you ultimate luxury and  beautiful moments to remember.




The Amethyst Ring offers a variety of accommodation types – from Suites to Villas – each with individual design and character on this special occasion.  Your private sanctuary on holiday.

Each couple dreams of their unique honeymoon and this is why we have unparalleled experience in catering for every taste. Meticulous service and attention to detail in a private and intimate setting are elements our guests encounter in abundance. Daios Cove is a place that makes you feel entirely at home whilst maintaining a true sense of occasion. Exactly as your tailor-made honeymoon should be.